Hello, i am Fábio, and i write code.

The main goal of this website is to share things that i like, or that i am currently working on.

I am a full-time software developer and “day dreamer” of becoming a game designer/developer. On January i will start a 7 month course related to game development/design to try to “boost” my career shift to the game creation area. I will be posting on this blog some of the adventures that i will encounter while attending that course, be it code, projects, or other things i find relevant.

I am 31 years old and i have been working closely with computes for about 20 years, most of those years playing games. I started working as a software developer around 5 years ago, after leaving university and joining a company based in Lisbon.

For quite some time now, let’s say 10 freaking years!, i have in the back of my mind the idea of creating my own game studio, a dream i was not able to fulfill at the date of the creation of this post. Maybe because i am lazy, maybe because i lack the motivation, the funds, the time, maybe just all of the above, but the fact is that it is still an idea and not a reality. My hopes lie with the course that i am starting on January, i hope that it can give me the knowledge and above all the motivation that i need to raise it past “idea” into “reality”. Everyone meet Pixel Dystopia, Pixel Dystopia meet everyone (assuming anyone is reading this. Nah! unlikely!)



So, to sum things up what can you expect to see in my “fortress of solitude”? :

  • Tutorials that i come across the internet and that i find interesting;
  • Stuff related to Pixel Dystopia;
  • Some photography, either taken by me or the folks that i follow @ 500px;
  • Game Articles;
  • Game Development videos/talks/papers/articles;
  • Random stuff related to the games that i play;