What is Derelict? (Part I: Game Overview)

The objective is clear: Create a game to get things started, don’t try to innovate, try to have fun doing it.

Derelict gets inspiration from some of the games that I play and that I really like. Names like Diablo III, Torchlight, Alien Swarm come into mind when I think “what do i want Derelict to be?”.

I am not saying that I will come remotely close to what those games achieved, not only because they were created by teams of several experienced developers but simply because I lack the time/skill it takes to accomplish it working alone on the project or the means to assemble a team to accomplish something that can even be comparable to the games Derelict gets inspiration from – Yeah, my art skills kinda suck.

So let’s get things started.

1 – Game Overview

1.1 – Game Concept

Fast paced Sci-Fi action shooter game based on several famous game types and mechanics. Using concepts that are already familiar to the average gamer and that are implemented on several popular and successful games, the game is a pure competitive experience and the ultimate goal is to beat the leaderboards.

1.2 – Genre And Camera

Top Down Sci-Fi Class Based Shooter.

1.3 – Game Objectives

The main objective is to beat the mission in the least amount of time. In a nutshell the game is a straightforward shooter. The player has to survive incoming waves of enemies until the mission objective is fulfilled. The player will choose the game difficulty, that will range from 1 to 200 and the mission he wants to play. The enemy’s HP and Damage will be generated based on the mission difficulty. The game will use a ranking System, based on leaderboards for each difficulty. The mission is considered the combination of “GameType + Map”.

1.4 – Game Types

The game will have 3 different game types.

  1. Time Attack – The player will have 20m to complete complete the level or else he will lose the game.
  2. Escort – The player will have to escort / deliver a certain item / NPC to a certain location
  3. Horde – Endless mode, the player will hold for as much as he can until he is overrun. Score will be the key factor here and the score is generated based on the time that has passed. The scoring will be per kill, and the kills will be more valuable as time goes by.

1.5 – Player Classes

The player can pick one of 4 available classes based on the desired play style. (in-depth look at each class in a  future post).Each class will have one special ability that can be used as soon as it’s off cooldown. Each class has distinct gameplay styles, weapons and special abilities.

1.6 – Pick-Ups, PowerUps and Weapons

The player has several items he can pick up across the level. The standard HP items, Ammo, Damage Boost, Health Boost and extra weapons. (in-depth look later on).

1.7 – Target Audience

SCI-FI fans either Casual and Hardcore players, the game is based on mission difficulty and there is a place for everyone.

1.8 – Look and Feel

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Above, Alien Swarm gameplay images, the main source of inspiration for Derelict.

On the next part of the “What is Derelict?” series, we will talk about GamePlay and Game Mechanics.

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